Friday, April 13, 2007

The opportunity that is Agloco

Ok well I'm back everyone, and have spent quite some time investigating into a company called Agloco This company was founded by a couple of Stanford MBA students, and looks to have a fairly high probability of succeeding. Actually, even if it fails, you have nothing to lose because there is nothing to buy, its completely free. The idea behind it is that they will have all their members download a viewbar, which will run inconspicously at the bottom of your browser. Companies will then pay Agloco to show their ads on this viewbar, and all we as surfers have to do is have the viewbar on our browsers while we surf, which most people who spend any time on a computer already do anyways. I have heard a few rumors that Agloco is currently the fastest growing company on the internet, and it has people like Bill Gates and CEOS from Google taking a serious look at what they are doing. I believe that this company is one of the more substantial companies to launch on the internet. Once again, they are completely free, so take a look and join if you like to make money like me!!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Adsense Revenue Sharing and more.....

Ok, well its been a few days now, but I've collected some good stuff for this post, so it should be worth it. I have been meddling around, trying to perfect different adsense ads and checking on the Click thru ratio of them. One thing I have found are that there are several forums and other article sites which are doing something called Adsense Revenue Sharing, which is something fairly new to the internet. Basically it is a way for anyone with an adsense publisher ID to share in the profits of the site, the idea being that it makes you more willing to participate in the forum or whatever the site it. I personally think it is a great idea. I have joined several of these sites and am in early participation mode but I will keep this updated to let you know how it goes. i have found a very interesting site which lists many of these forums here
As for other things I have been playing with are several different traffic exchanges for my sites with Adbrite on them, as these are a violation of google's terms. One of the best, or possibly the best I have found so far is a site called AdsenseEliteTeam which is a great way to get real people looking at your website, blog, or referral links as well as to better your ads earnings. This site has actually became very big the past few months and has many registered users. Well I am off to the forums, but I hope this information has been useful in helping you make more money online. Much more to come in my next post, so stay tuned!!!!


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Well here it is....

Hello everyone, since returning from my hiatus, I have had several requests for me to start blogging again about making money online and sharing tips. So here I am, with a brand new blog design ready to make another go at it. My program choices are a little limited at this point, cause Im just now getting into things. Im working on a lot of design for this blog and others, so forgive me for the lack of tips or wisdom in this post, stay tuned there is much more to come. Recently I have joined the site EZsurfNearn and I have to say that so far I am impressed with this site. I have not been paid personally but everywhere I have checked they are rated as paying and they do have a very fast support team. A few other sites I have been playing with are ClickMogul and Clicksmatrix which I believe to be very useful sites as well. Well I have many things to do, many more sites visit and forums to browse, but check back as I intend to be posting very valuable information here daily.